Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Flys For CT Pike

From my experience, some of CT's Northern Pike fisheries are fit for the use of flies, and others are not. Some of these aren't even management areas, so you may never have heard of them holding big pike.

Beseck lake in Middlefeild Connecticut is not a management lake, but fisherman introduced some northerns and the population seem to be  healthy with spawning being quite possible. The lake is small  and shallow, with some coves that provide good structure and many docks.

Mansfield Hollow Reservoir is a sprawling lake that is manage for pike. It has so many places that could be fished it is just incredible. Pike here tend to be spread apart, as it is a varied water body. I would suggest mobility in such a situation.

The Housatonic is definitely CT's prime pike on the fly water. Drifting is the best way to approach it. The northern empoundments are the ones that hold the big pike, don't go to the trout waters with a 12 weight and arm sized streamers!

You could try the Connecticut River, but I would say that it is just to big to cover with a fly rod.

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