Friday, November 29, 2013

Small Stream Brooky and Brown Flies Pt. 1: Nymphs

This is the first section to a guide on my top flies for fishing tiny creeks and rivers in the East for trout. Since the vast majority of a trout's feeding is done right on the bottom, we will start there with nymphs and work our way up.

In the winter and early spring, trout in small water sometimes require very different methods. Often a bright fly is needed to wake fish up. Two examples are the red worm and a green Copper John.

I Tie the C.J. with a long tail and a red wing case. It looks insane but still works.
The Red Worm is simple very tightly rapped red tubing or silk with gold ribbing.

In other cases the fish would rather something less intrusive in color but more in size. Imitations of Isonychia nymphs or just a big black Hair's Ear will do the job.  Tie these heavily weighted depending on the stream depth and flow.

For average water conditions the rest of the year you can almost use anything, but I have two killer patterns that just keep the fish coming. One is the bead head tan caddis pupa, the other an unnamed concoction with a dark V-Rib body, hairs ear legs, and black tail and wing case.

In high and discolored water I use a San Juan Worm with great success, I couldn't find one to photograph though....
Stay tuned for part 2: Streamers.

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