Saturday, November 30, 2013

Small Stream Trout Flies Pt. 2: Streamers

Even a 4 inch brook trout eats other small fish, even fry of it's own kind. It is also true that small streams can hold trout every bit as big as rivers twice their size. I once hooked an enormous seaforellen brown that nearly stripped my real before breaking off in a 5 ft wide creek. When these situations are encountered, streamers are needed. There are many to be chosen. I keep my daily small stream fly selection simple, so I will only mention the four I use hear.

The first and perhaps the best is the Edson Tiger. It is a small bucktail with a red or orange and yellow wing and peacock hurl body. The tail could be from literally any browns or blacks feather. This is the fly I hooked the giant mentioned above on, as well as many other fish.
One of the Tiger's attackers

A heavily used Edson Tiger

Another good choice is a simple pattern of a piece of rabbit strip bound with coppers wire. Tie these in as many colors as possible. They can be used on any species in any type of water, from size 10's for brookies to size 2's for pike and musky.

Small Woolly Buggers are useful in plunge pools, as are Muddler Minnows. Keep a solid supply of these.

Fun streamer water. Hang a fly in the current and watch fish fly!

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