Monday, December 2, 2013

Small Stream Trout Flies: Wet Flies

Wet flies are unfortunately often ignored give new fancy patterns that so accurately depict subsurface aquatic insects. However, on small streams a brooky often just wants something that looks alive. Wet flies fit the bill. Swing them under the surface or skate them on top and the wilds will smash them.

My favorite traditional wet fly pattern is the Kate McKlaren, but I decided to tie it in colors other than the usual black. Brown and tan seamed to work the best. Use seals fur or Kaufman's blend dubbing to get the coarse texture for the body.

Other simple old wet flies work well two, my second favorite wet fly is the cahil. The are bust subsurface because they skate lop sided compared to the wingless Kate McKlarem.

Perhaps one of the best ever patterns is the picket pin, an all around perfect fly for small streams. It could be used wet or dry, and even as a streamer.
I keep a lot of soft hackles in stock. Early in the season, I do brilliantly with a red tag.

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