Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Disaster, Narrowly Averted

Some may have noticed that I have posted fishing reports about every day for the past few weeks. I caught fish on all of those days. Yesterday I went carpin' using dog biscuits, but the conditions weren't right. Bass wouldn't eat either. With only a brief time to fish left, I went to a different location. This Green Sunfish saved the day:

Excuse the camera strap.


  1. You did great concidering the weather change, which was extrem.
    I didn't catch anything cause I didn't get to go fishing... Fish on...

    1. You'll just have to get out and try them!

  2. The headline on this posting gave me pause -- saw another reptile in your hand. What type this time? Let your great-uncle in Arizona keep the "snake-bit" title -- it cost him dearly !