Thursday, May 1, 2014

Turtles and Bass

Today was exceptionally different from the previous. It was sunny and probably around 70. I returned to the local ponds intent on catching bass on poppers. The first thing I managed to catch was a painted turtle. Then a bunch of crazy little bass. No matter the size (I am a small stream angler at heart) it is fun to watch a fish cruise in making  a wake and blowing up on a fly.

As the rain has brought the rivers up a lot it will be a little while before I am back chasing trout on the larger streams, but I may see some action on the little blue lines this weekend.

Bass Gunk


  1. Nice catch... Hope your weather is getting warmer. We are getting tired of wet, cold and wind.
    Fish on...

    1. Things are looking up! Now only to wait for the water levels to drop for the hendrickson hatch.