Thursday, December 11, 2014

The RM Lytle Fishing Hat

If you look back at all my posts with grip n' grins, or rather, grip and give a look of awe, you will see the above hat. I have been wearing it regularly since the beginning of the year. Before that I had a light green full brimmed hat.
Its been through a bit, as shown by the fading and the small holes where a striper fly struck me on a very windy day of fishing. I suppose it will be looking even more abused next December. That is O.K., it still serves the same purpose, and holds plenty more memories.
I can't tell you how often the wordage is misread. It doesn't say Trap Lane Rock, it says Lane Trap Rock. The company's full name is John S. Lane and Son's, they are a crushed stone and asphalt  in Westfield Mass. As a Rock Hound I like having this sort of souvenir because the Lane and Son's Quarry is famed for having produced very fine specimens. It's just a fitting hat for me. I'm glad I have more than one.


  1. That ROCKS. I knew the word rock had some meaning to you. Yep, hats are very important to fishermen. They serve many purposes and take on a spirit of their own by reminding us of where we have been. Your hat has many more memories to take on.
    Fish on...