Friday, December 11, 2015

Sunfish and Roach on Dry Flies

The high temperatures forecast for this weekend are in the 60's. That's a wee bit warm for December. We often get Indian summers, a couple of days of warm temperatures in December, but this is crazy! I love it.

The moment I got home from school today I knew I was going after panfish. I decided to got to my local millpond for redbreast sunfish and bluegills. All I needed were a couple of small dries and one Zebra Midge for a dropper rig. I caught a good number of very pretty purple colored bluegills. The RB sunfish, which typically make up most of my catch here, were not as prevalent as the bluegills on this outing.

The highlight of the trip was certainly a pair of gorgeous silver roach. I'm glad I ran into these guys, I only ever get a few each year and these are the only two so far!

Tomorrow I'm going after bigger fish... I'm hoping that I can brake my one fish curse that has plagued me on the Farmington River.


  1. That first gill is gorgeous.
    Fished the Farmy today..interesting.

  2. Sounds fun! Seeing the Roach makes me wonder... Are you still working on the book idea you had written about a while back?

    1. Thanks,
      Yes, that is still very much in progress.