Monday, December 28, 2015

Types of Fly Fisherman

There are many types of fly fisherman, and I find that certain types of people tend to choose certain methods and specific species. This is a humorous attempt to categorize the many species of fly fisherman out there based on the type of fishing they do.

The Dry Fly Purist.

There are a lot of these on the Church Pool of the Farmington. If it doesn't float, it isn't worth fishing. And you'd better not be fishing a streamer in that pool! The purists will be non to pleased and will make that it blatantly clear to you. Dry Fly Purists are very methodical, very slow paced, and are not active in their fishing style. A Dry Fly Purist is more likely to work over one fish for half an hour that go find a different one that is more willing to eat his fly. Dry fly purists are typically well spoken, have money (you can tell by there gear) and are dressed cleanly.

Streamer Junky

Not methodical, trigger happy, and prone to loud bursts of laughter or shouting whether necessary or not. Streamer junkies are the exact opposite of DFP's, but seem to dislike purists just and much as purists dislike them. Ironic isn't it? If it's under #6 it's a wet fly and not worth fishing. Streamer junkies are not about the numbers. Quality over quantity. And quantity over quality as far as water goes. Streamer fisherman are the long distance sprinters of fly fishing. Scared of any tippet under 2x.

Musky Fisherman

(Includes all Esox species, but mostly musky) Quiet but aggressive. Like the species they chase, musky fisherman are really insane, but they don't show it often. And when they do show it, it's spectacular. Musky fisherman don't mind hurting themselves if they need to to tangle with a big mean fish.

Salt Water Fisherman

Those who are well versed in salt water fly fishing are the geniuses of the group. It takes brains to know when, where, and how to catch fish in the biggest body of water on the planet. A very wide ranging group, because there are a lot of salt water species. Striper fisherman will always be more sane than tarpon fisherman, and why would you ever want to hook with a mako shark using a buggy whip?

Gar Fisherman.

Weirdos. They don't even use hook!

Brook Trout Fisherman

Brook Trout Fisherman are some of the calmest and most  serene people on the planet. Size does not matter as much as beauty to a brooky fisherman. Some get a kick out of catching fish out of the smallest streams possible. Brooky fisherman tend to be non-confrontational, placid, and skiddish in crowds.

Nymph Fisherman.

They care about quantity and quality. Nymph fisherman are logical, intelligent, and often very skilled fisherman. They don't have a good day unless they catch at least 15 fish with a few over 17 inches long. Nymph Fisherman are the best of both worlds, they cover a lot of water but do so methodically and using techniques that the fish are very likely to accept. Nymph fisherman are great at what they do.


  1. Very interesting observations. I really never gave that a thought. I fish with any gear, for whatever I can catch, figure me out.
    Tie, fish, write and photo on...

    1. Here's how I look at all fisherman, including myself:

      Crazy enough to risk being outwitted by an animal with a brain the sizeof a dime.

  2. So your keen observational skills apply to creatures out of the liquid environment as well. An enjoyable read.
    - G.