Thursday, September 29, 2016

Friends and Enemies

For the past four days the wind has just NOT let up. It has been anywhere between 8mph and 16mph for far longer than I'd like. I don't really enjoy myself when fishing in gusty winds, especially when the fishing isn't all that productive. If I was catching I'd be able to ignore the wind. So, for the last few days, the wind has been my enemy. Today it was particularly rough. To make it worse my memory card decided to be my enemy too. It decided to be a corrupt crummy useless piece of plastic. So, even though I caught a few pickerel and bass I don't have much to show for it. That isn't so bad, I'm more upset about the fact that I lost some good shots of the gradually changing foliage.

So, even though the fishing was not at all bad my head wasn't in the game. To make it worse just before I started fishing I bumped into my good friend Dave who told me he had caught a bunch of big brown trout on mice up on the Farmington. I had some mental drooling to do as I finished my short ride.

Later on I ran into Rick Seifert and his son Tyler, who I have known for a while through boy scouts. Mr. Seifert is a master striper angler and he had a few good trips live-lining bunker this year, getting some really nice stripers. Some of you may have seen a few of the fish from one of these trips on The Connecticut Yankee.

Basically, I'm bored. That is my biggest enemy right now. I haven't had a good full day outing in a while. I've just been stewing in my boredom at home, not even getting the work done that I should have finished by now. If I got in one really epic day of fishing, I could get over the last week or so of boredom punctuated by short but exciting outings.

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