Thursday, October 13, 2016

How NOT to Catch Trout in a Pond

Sorry to deceive y'all... I caught the rainbow above three years ago! The is also the last time I have caught a trout out of the closest trout pond to my home town, despite a number of visits. If you want to check out the post from that day it is here:

Dalton and I got kicked out of the pond for putting out kayaks in that day, and since then that pond has driven me mad! Today I was mildly more successful than usual, I actually did get a couple of grabs from large rainbows. I'm going to try to get back on that pond in the next few days.

So basically fishing for less than an hour and stubbornly sticking to fast retrieves and small streamers... probably not the best way to catch trout in ponds. That's all folks!


  1. remember the ladder trick i told you about... do it! -Dan

  2. Rowan,
    Looks like you and Dalton were fishing Day Pond in Colchester when you were thrown out. I expect ALL anglers, as well as hunters, to be aware of the regulations concerning activities in specific areas. The pertinent regulations are in the fishing and hunting booklets available at all licensing outlets. Also online. We can't afford to give some people ammunition to use against our outdoor sports.
    Bob Hein

    1. Oh we read the regulations (as we always do) but nowhere was there anything to distinguish personal watercraft (kayaks, float tubes, ext) from boats, so we decided to just go for it. I'd say thrown out is also a harsh way to put it. We were told we should beach the kayaks, after which we continued to fish for about another hour.