Sunday, July 14, 2013

West Branch Farmington River

(1/30/2018- This post contains examples of very poor fish handling. Use them as an example of what not to do. Thank you, 
R.M. Lytle)

This Post is a bit late, but I recently headed up to fish Connecticut's most famous river for the late June sulfur hatch. Unfortunately the biggest show was a march brown hatch in the late evening, but the fishing was still good. On the first day I fished from the ovation pool to the  Church Pool, and fished upstream from there the next day. On the first day, I caught a nice brown on a streamer and then had good success in the church pool with caddis pupa, emerger, and dry flies. Several big fish were brought to hand, but none of those giants people talk about.
The mighty and extremely non-descript church pool.
 Feathered friends near the ovation pool.

 This beefy brown was a sucker for a small streamer allowed  to hang in the current of Greenwood pool.
 A gorgeous brown took a caddis pupa swung just under the surface of the church pool.

On the second day I hit the water early in hopes of a morning rise, and was in luck. The first pool gave up several fish, some on very small flies such as a size 22 Adams.

This little wild brookie was quit willing to hit a bushy little dry fly.

One of my favorite pools was the Bone Yard, so I returned down stream and caught several nice fish including this nice rainbow as they rose to what looked like little blue duns.

Even though I didn't hook into the elusive 20in brown, it was still pleasing to return home with several nice experiences and some really bad chafing on my legs and about a million mosquito bites! Builds character.

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