Thursday, December 31, 2015

The Last Trip of the Year

Today the weather was pretty great, so I decided to close out 2015's fishing with some action in the new pickerel spot. I used three flies: a black Woolly Bugger, a Baby Brown Trout, and a pattern I tied specifically for pickerel with a long white marabou tail with 10 strands of pearl flashabou and pearl polar chenille on a B10S Gamakatsu. That one worked the best. My first fish came on the third cast and absolutely destroyed the fly. Every take today was visual, with some awesome wakes and quick grabs. I love being able to see the fish, judge it's reaction to the fly, and trigger the take. With pickerel there is a certain point at which the a switch is flipped in his head and he has no choice but to kill the fly. I watched it happen. The fish will chase the fly for 15 feet, then when the retrieve is sped up the fish just unloads and goes from a 0 to 60 in about .00005 of a second. And it just keeps hitting the fly until it's hooked. 
I LOVE pickerel. You can probably tell, huh?



  1. Well done on the picks! They must be a blast on the fly rod.

    1. Thanks!
      They are as fun as any other pond species I've come across...

  2. That's a hot spot for pickerel! Nice action ending to a great year. They have beautiful coloring. They give us such great action on the take.
    Tie, fish, write and photo on...

  3. Great pix, heart-pumping action, rollicking narrative. Great way to close out the year, piscatorally speaking. Did I just make up a word? Oh, well, Shakespeare added a couple thousand. All the best in 2016.
    - G.