Thursday, October 12, 2017

More Funny Little Fish

Rick and I hit the shoreline to hunt albies. I had hopes of breaking that two fish barrier I've held for three trips to that area, and spoiler alert, that didn't happen, but stick around. We sure didn't skunk.

We fished two spots that have proven to have albies within easy fly casting distance, but the tide differed from the incoming tide I have previously fished at the first spot and this low outgoing tide turned out to be a bust, so we went to the spot that has produced all my shore albies this year. Fish were showing when we got there, and for a good long while there were plenty coming in and around. It was a busy day there, a lot of the regulars were in their favorite spots. Kirk McPherson was there, first time I'd seen him there. Hookups came now and again but the fish seemed to be doing a lot of showing off. I got numerous huge refusal boils and follows. Which to be honest, made it all that more satisfying when one finally came along and just smoked my fly. I had pretty much resigned myself to the skunk and was not even the slightest bit ready, my drag was loose! Pretty well unchecked that little false albacore tore off like a bat out of hell, going way further than I should have let it.

Photo Courtesy Rick Seifert 

Photo Courtesy Rick Seifert

After a little while I got opportunity number two, and this time I was much more prepared and fought the fish, well, correctly. Of course I had him about halfway back and the hook pulled free. At that point Rick had been experimenting a bit with a fly trailed behind an albie snax soft plastic. After a little while, it payed off and he hooked up to a fish that was really hot! It was probably one of the best fights I've seen on spinning gear!

These fish are crazy. They taunt, they antagonize, and when you finally do hook one its so gratifying. They are just made for light tackle and flies are probably the best imitation of their prey. The more I've fished for them, the more funny I find them. They really are funny little fish. 

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