Friday, June 22, 2018

Trip Prep Fly Tying

So. Did I fish yesterday?


Was it worth writing a post about?


No. No it was not. I caught two fish, Dan caught one. They were all tiny. If you are wondering what the plastic bag is, I use it to keep my camera safe. Though it made a rather mediocre photo it was either keep the fish out of the water longer to put the bag away or let the bag blow away. Neither are good options, and because it isn't every day that I catch a 10 inch striper, I just had to showcase this monster in all its magnificence. 

So. Nothing yesterday made itself worth writing a post about, and I am about to be away from the interwebs for two days. In the past I have had this kind of thing absolutely destroy my readership for as much as a week. Like stray cats, it seems if I don't keep feeding some of you, you'll leave. 
Did Rowan just call us stray cats? I think so. I think he did. I'm outraged. 
Calm down. I don't think you're a cat. If, however, you are a cat... welcome. I am about to post some photos of things you would probably enjoy batting around on the floor. 

Want to keel a woolly bugger? Crimp a splitshot or two on there!

In less than two hours I will be off to a very different land. A land of big and numerous pike. A land where chances of hooking a musky aren't zero. A land of huge bowfin, carp, and bass. A land with freshwater drum and longnose gar. 

My preparation tying consisted of filling out my carp box, tying some flies that freshwater drum should find appetizing, throwing together some rope flies for gar, and lashing together more flash than I have ever put on a single fly. I am armed to the teeth. I just hope the rain doesn't shut down our chances of catching some new species and bigger specimens of ones we already have. 

Lake Champlain, here we come.