Sunday, January 6, 2019

2018: The Places, The People, The Fish

In case you are relatively new to this blog, after each year turns over I do a do a photographic recap of the previous 365 days' fishing trips. I include everything that I feel was most exceptional, most exciting, and most beautiful. So, here we go.

300 days on the water
10 states
More than 80 species of fish on the fly

This goes out to everybody I spent time on the water with in 2018. Thank you for helping to make this a very special year. May you all have a very fishy 2019. 


  1. Love this, man! Love the variety of species, keep em coming!

  2. Absolutely Amazing! "Thank you" for taking us along. What a great year it was.
    Tie, fish, write, conserve and photo on...

  3. Thank you for this gift of spectacular images. You know I love them all, but especially the ones of you looking so happy.