Saturday, September 28, 2013

Big Fish

I spent the last week hunting a loner carp in a small mill pond. It escaped me time after time, spooked or simply unwilling to eat my flies. I have feed the fish corn, dog food, and bread. I was concerned that I had finely found my match. Never had a fish allude me for so long. Today I decided to chum corn again and fish both a spinning rod with a corn fly I tied using flexament and yellow chenille. I crept up to the pool in full camouflage and quietly pursued the tailing fish. Watched as it slowly edged closer to my fly. As it appeared to get to the right spot,  The rippling suddenly stopped, and I set the hook. The big fish heaved it's fat body and plowed away at speed. I slowly eased it in. A two and a half foot carp on 3x tippet is not to be messed with or horsed in. After avoiding multiple obstacles that the carp could have tangled in, I glided the beast to shore.

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  1. Adam and Brian have enjoyed checking out your blog. The pictures are wonderful! We are hooked on your blog ;)