Sunday, September 8, 2013

Lake Pocotapaug Bliss

The past few days has seen me stalking everything that Pocotapaug has to offer, from bass to carp. The first day was spent in a white perch blitz with a fish a cast on a small buggeyed crayfish streamer. This good fishing continued for an hour and a half. I even hooked two smallmouth during the action. The next day was spent  chasing bass in pickeral in a small side pond that connects to the lake. Several fish were landed. In the evening I observed a beautiful spinner fall in the shallows. Today I took advantage of low water levels and chased tailing carp in the flats from my kayak. When I finally hooked one it smashed through my leader after a powerful run. It sounded like a scared swan taking off. All in a weeks fishing on my local lake.....

 This is a fly similar to the ones the perch took. this very fly was lost to a big card today.
 Nasty bare feet and my warm water fly rod.
 A fiesty little smallmouth.
 A can't resist the colors of a yellow perch. They are so beautiful.
 The white things are spinners.
Sad fly line. It lost it's big fish.

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