Saturday, January 18, 2014

2013 In Review

I realized last year was certainly a fantastic fishing year. I think a review is in order!
Bass fishing with the fly was phenomenal during the spring and summer. 

Small stream wild browns were just as prevalent.

I landed an allusive tiger.

Crappies practically flung themselves to my feet on some days. 

The Natives gave an appearance after opening day.

The local rivers produced will due to consistent rain from thunderstorms.

Although I didn't find to many big hatches, mayflies did give some brief flurries of activity.

Big panfish lead to summer fun.

I got to spend a weekend on a very high Farmington with my father.

I was very happy to get a native from such a big river.

I had much fun in the kayak.

Plenty of fish tried to avoid a photo.

Smallmouth of rivers provided my and my good fried a blast in August.

Stoneflies caused a tad bit of fun action.

I caught thousands of these!

What a hog that one was.

In the fall I found a fantasic pool and caught two beauties out of it.

Does a brooky get any more gorgeous?

The snow gave my a hard time.

...But I came back in a big way. The grand finally!

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