Sunday, January 12, 2014

2014 Finally Starts

Today the weather was decent, and previous rain had brought stream levels up in the area. I set out on my first small stream trip of the year. My destination had left me skunked on a previous expedition, and I hoped today it would give up one of its little resident natives.

Upon reaching the stream, I tied of a prince nymph and went to work. I came to a promising pool, with an ice shelf that would conceal me from view. After quite a few casts I had a hit. Jumping the gun I yanked the little nymph from the trout's mouth. The next cast he returned and this time I had him good. The native I brought to hand made the New Year finally real.

I changed tactics and tried for a dry fly fish. The yellow Humpy I chose got no attention, so on went another nymph. I got hits, but no more fish were caught. I ended the day by a beautiful plunge pool and had no regrets.

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