Friday, January 27, 2017

The Last Chance

Yesterday Mark Alpert and I went out exploring some new water. We found all sorts of fishy looking and odd bodies of water but we failed to hook any fish for a long time. The first stream looked extremely promising and had a few seriously deep bend pools and runs, and I'm certain I had a taker on a hornberg, what it was is hard to say. I suspect it was a wild trout of some variety.

I'm also certain I had a couple takers at the first pond we fished, but its even more difficult to speculate as to what the culprit as there. Both ponds looked super fishy though, and definitely warrant further exploration.

There just comes a time when I simply must catch something, so as the end of our day on the water neared I suggested we visit one of my favorite little brook trout streams. Despite it being a fairly long hike in I was sure it would be worth it. I haven't visited this stream many times but when I have it has been very productive.

Sure enough, in a pool where I caught ten wild brook trout last spring during a surprise hendrickson hatch, Mark and I hit pay dirt. In fact, my second fish and his fish were bigger than any I caught on my previous visits. And in the waning light of a warm January day, brook trout were rising. What a special little place.


  1. A special place with special fish. Great for the end of January. The weather pattern my give you more good days.
    Tie, fish, write and photo on...

    1. The weather pattern is about to go back to normal, which should bring on the correct hatches and keep the fish balanced in their winter low-matabolism mode. If it stay warm they will be a little unbalanced.