Friday, January 20, 2017

Well That Was an Odd Day...

Noah and I went huntin' today. The original goal was to scout some spots on a river that I will be fishing a lot more within the next year or so. We caught nothing in that river, saw no fish, and now that I have done a little more research I realize we were not in the section that contains the bulk of the wild brown trout. Being easily bored by pounding clearly trout-less water it didn't take long for me to suggest a move.

We went to a section of stream that has been good to me in the past. Today it was being a bit rude. I suspect someone may have fished ahead of us in the morning.

After a lot of work I did manage to get one wild brown out of a deep plunge pool.

Since that stream was being so weird we decided to make another move. We ended up fishing the same section of stream that Kirk, Alan and I fished yesterday. I caught all of my fish there out of one big pool. Three fallfish, then right at the end...

...I stuck on a bright chartreuse zonker. I figured it would get the attention of any large brown trout that could be hiding in the rocks. It got whacked by a good fish. I missed. It hit again. I set and missed and it gave chase. The sound of the fly hitting the water again made it turn. It attacked. I missed. It hit three more times before I set the hook. I had to horse it, as I had light tippet on and this was no trout, it was a toothy critter!

That was quite a good fish to call it  day on but we messed around a bit longer. No more fish were caught. I would not have expected to catch a chain pickerel in that little stream but you really never know . What an odd day. 


  1. That was exciting! I just love those toothy critters, but they will eat all the brookies. Did he come up-stream from a larger pool?
    Tie, fish, write and photo on...

    1. They're both native fish, so if they ate every brook trout there wouldn't be any brook trout in this stream at all! The pool he was in was the biggest in the stretch.