Thursday, June 29, 2017

One Watershed, Tons of Variety

Yesterday I felt like doing some multi-species fishing. I grabbed the 3wt and a few boxes of flies and went out to find some fish. I started at the last mill pond in a watershed that has five ponds, one lake, and a few small streams. My plan was to fish two of the ponds, two streams, and the lake. There are tons of fish species in these waters. To list a few: bluegill, pumpkinseed, redbreast sunfish, rockbass, black crappie, yellow perch, white perch, smallmouth, largemouth, walleye, chain pickerel, redfin pickerel, brown bullhead, black bullhead, channel catfish, common carp, fallfish, brook trout, rainbow trout, american eel, golden pond shiners... the list goes on, but I think you all get the point.

The first pond gave up a whole pile of micro fish. I caught 5 species there.

The next pond was not so good, I caught one bass and a few bluegills. I went up the creek, which was actually almost dry, and somehow found better fishing. I had a decent largemouth break me off under this old bridge: 

Somehow during higher water a carp made it pretty far up the creek and got itself stuck. Luckily I was there to help. I caught it and carried it back down to the pond. The two other species I caught in the creek were bluegill and yellow perch.

On to the next creek. There, some black bullheads were guarding fry. I was able to catch a couple. They always go right back to protecting the kids after they are released. 

There were a few carp in there too, and even though I knew there was little chance I would land one on my 6'6" 3wt I just had to try. When one took, I immediately thought "oh crap'. I was in for a long, drawn out, frustrating battle. It wasn't even fun. But I can now say I've caught a 14lb fish on a small stream rod. 

That creek gave up one smallmouth as well. I spent the last hour at the lake hoping for a walleye or bigger bass, but got nothing but small bass and a single pumpkinseed. 

Fishing light gear can be a lot of fun, but please don't fish under-weighted gear for big fish like carp if you don't know how to fight fish correctly, you will kill them. Besides, it's not really worth it.


  1. Quite an assortment there Rowan.
    I caught a small bass yesterday on a small trout stream. He took a stimulator.
    I don't think it was a largemouth, I'll post a pic on the next blog post.

    1. I've been baffled many a time by a bass in an unlikely spot. "How'd you get here?"

  2. Micro fishing is great. Nice save for the stranded carp. Life abounds, even around a radial tire.
    Tie, fish, write and photo on...

    1. Bullheads could live just about anywhere.