Friday, August 4, 2017

Dog Days

Some of these early August days... yuk. I hate hot muggy weather when it doesn't spark up any evening thunderstorms. Seems like good weather to climb CT's tallest peak, right?

So that's Bear Mountain on a 90 degree 90 percent humidity day... hydration is key, folks.
I made some time in a watershed up there were I was hoping to get species #60... it didn't quite work out. I don't know how soon I'll go back, if at all. I'm trying to make species 60 something bigger, not a micro fish. Maybe Atlantic bonito will be around in better numbers soon...

I fished a bit today too, but there wasn't much to report other than this bald guy flying over the river. What a weirdo.

Hard to tie flies in the heat too, since you can't really have a fan on you. Why not make it more frustrating by tying Atlantic salmon flies? My box is almost ready for fall... and I'll probably only get out after those things once, maybe twice. 

Things are about to go bonkers here. Just you wait.


  1. Wonderful Hike! Thanks for taking us along. Love those ties!
    Tie, fish, write and photo on...

    1. Healthier seen from a distance on a hot day, I think. But I'd go back when it's cool and dry any time. ;)