Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Day Savers

Monday was kind of frustrating. I put in some serious effort looking for big pre-spawn yellow perch in a cove that I know could produce some seriously huge ones, I've seen some that had to be north of two pounds there before. If ever there was an exercise in futility this was it. A lot of exercise, a lot of futility.
A beaver popped up right there when I walked down. We exchanged four letter words and he left 

Luckily I know some farm ponds just up the road, so I made my way there to play with some fish that didn't have any place they could run off to. To my satisfaction it was extremely quick action with the bluegills. If I'd had dries on me I could easily have caught a bunch on top, they were rising sporadically for midges. Instead I fished an unweighted flymph. The cast was made to the end of the weed bed, I watched the leader, if it did something funny I set the hook. If it didn't but I had a hunch I set the hook too. Most casts resulted in fish landed. 

Tuesday's initial pursuits were fruitless as well. No pickerel, no walleye, no smallmouth. 

Again I had to resort to plan B, and again plan B was panfish. This time the two species that had been the main target the previous day. They were small but they were willing. A fish in a snowstorm is a good fish indeed.


  1. Wow...this kind of fishing requires dedication. Thanks for the chuckle over your brief conversation with Mr. Beaver. Gram

  2. Nothing like a good scolding from a Beaver LOL! Love your photos of the day.
    Tie, fish, write and photo on...