Monday, February 9, 2015

Big Trout Arsenal

I'm ready! But are the fish? Maybe this will be my year for streamers and I will catch a big, reclusive, wild, meat eater of a Brown Trout. Of course I'm already prepped for my other favorite fishing and as soon as the ice is off of them and the season opens I will be on the Native Stream. Before that I will be limited to the TMA's and WTMA's.


  1. Looks like you have quite the arsenal! Nice ties, and I'm sure your hard work will be rewarded by a bruiser brown!

  2. Wonderful assortment. Yep, you are ready. Now we just need weather cooperation. There is a fish waiting for each one of those flies. Thanks for the look at those ties.
    Tie, wish and wait on...

    1. I was hoping for more like twenty for each one, but that's up for the fish to decide.