Saturday, February 14, 2015

When Stuff Gets Weird

I've always loved weird stuff. Being a fisherman often allows for a some weird experiences. From strange objects hooked to oddball people met, I've enjoyed some bizarre things that not everybody will experience in their life time. Here are some of the oddest.

The Wig and the Shorts

There is one pond that my friend and I fish fairly regularly for bass and pickerel. On one such trip Dalton snagged some strange stuff. The first object felt heavy to him, and when he got it in I began laughing. He had thought it was a lethargic fish. Nope. It was a pair of Daisy Dukes style shorts. The next cast got a bit weirder. He caught a blonde wig. No joke.

The Disembodied Voice

This one is a little more strange, and honestly I have a hard time explaining it myself. At the same pond in the above story I went out on my own to fly fish for carp. Somewhat annoyingly there were some very loud teenage girls "fishing" on the dam. I stopped briefly and just listened in disgust. Then I heard not five feat away a very calm girls voice say "I don't like them either". I about crapped my pants. I just stood there looking around for a while. When I calmed down I just continued on my way to my chosen spot. I don't know, maybe I was just hallucinating.

The Monga Snapping Turtle

There are some huge snapping turtles out there. One I have seen was absolutely startling. It surfaced while Dalton and I were kayak fishing  in Lake Pocotapaug. I swear it was like a submarine, water falling off its back actually making a rushing sound. I'm talking 300 lbs. This wasn't our first encounter with this turtle. Before Dalton actually hit it with the kayak.I apparently retaliated with an audible chomp. I heard it clearly but didn't know what it was until Dalton told me.

The Six Toed Track

I don't know what it is about Dalton that attracts abnormality, but I found this on a remote river bank on a smallmouth fishing trip with him. Our theory is Sasquatch inbreeding. The other tracks you can see are mine. Unfortunately I also stepped on the track before I saw it, altering the shape a bit.


  1. Thanks for sharing some moments of weirdness. Very interesting......
    - G.

    1. Nothing like a little weirdness to spice up the day!

  2. Yep, that's weird. It's tough to stay focused sometimes. Nice to know others have the same life surprizes.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Tie, write on...

    1. Just for some of these, and it's only one other person.