Sunday, January 3, 2016

A Windy and Cold Skunking

I'm still sticking it out on the lake and ponds despite the drop in temperature. I'm hoping to get a few species that I've never caught in January before. Today the destination was a series of clear water ponds in the same water shed which hold bass, pickerel, and panfish. I was rigged for the picks because they aren't phased by the cold as much. Despite the clear water and absolutely perfect sight fishing conditions I didn't see a single pickerel and only one bass. But there were a few huge bluegills lurking in the weed beds, and I could see them from a mile away. They were in the same sort of mood as when they're under the ice. The would barely move and mouthed my streamers with very little intent of actually eating them. I clearly needed smaller stuff. But before heading to the house I decided to go for a hike. I took some trails that I haven't walked before and enjoyed the beautiful day. I found a few hidden flooded gravel pits that look like the might have some fish in them, and plenty of deer sign.

When I returned with smaller flies I was able to get some of the big bluegills to respond. I even managed to hook a very good crappie, which of course popped off after 5 seconds. There are some days that just aren't meant to be.


  1. That's the way it goes. You at least had sun and blue sky to enjoy. Nothing like a walk to calm the soul. Nice photos!
    Tie, fish, write and photo...