Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Once Again, in Preperation

While I wish I could be in Arkansas and Missouri right now throwing giant meat flies for gigantic browns, I have to settle for preparations for our own streamer season which should start in only a couple of months. Just thinking about it right now is making my left hand jerk unconttroleadl aSD foaandfjbl  ly2#

Once you all finish being mildly amused take a look at some of the flies that I will be throwing to big trout come March. Some are tried and true, a few are new patterns, and some just haven't spent enough time in the water yet to say whether they will produce.


  1. Looks like your ready. They have a look of fine fish food. This is the time of year for tying and filling those containers for the year to come. It was 7 this morning, UGH!!! It's a no shorts day.
    Tie, fish, write and photo on...

    1. Thanks,
      Tying and fishing between the ice shelves.