Sunday, January 17, 2016

Trying for Winter Panfish

Panfish are not easy to fool with the fly when the water gets near freezing. It is really simply, really... as little horizontal movement as possible and small but heavy flies. But getting a fly to actually behave the right way is next to impossible. I tried two ponds and a river today and was not at all surprised to come up with a skunk. I knew where the fish were, it is just so hard to get a fly to a fish that is only willing to move a couple of inches. I love the spawn, when a big bull bluegill will come 6 feet for a small bucktail, acting like a miniature giant trevally. I pounded weed lines, jigged ice shelves, and mended into holes but I just could not tempt a fish. The best part of the day was getting two big bucks and their troop of does coming right at me through the brush. I wasn't able to move for my camera before they ditched. Oh, and I explored more new water around my part time home. The stretch of river I scouted should be hot for carp and anadromous species in the spring.
Fishy Structure!


  1. You gave it a good try and that's all you can do. Guess they are just not into eating.
    Tie, fish, write and photo on...

    1. I'm sure that one would have eaten if I got my fly a few inches in front of it, of course I would not have felt the take at all...