Saturday, May 7, 2016

You are Not Going to Believe This...

After I finished up my casting clinic this morning (my two students did exceptionally well if I do say so myself) I went to check out a few different spots. On my way I ran into some wildlife:

First I stopped at a very small but deep black water pond. I had seen some fish of some sort there before and I figured they were probably pickerel, as pickerel are a black water fish. I stuck on a foam diver and got an awesome smashing take from a big snot rocket that had a large green frog in it's stomach.

I then decided to go to a little pool and an absolutely tiny little stream that I spotted on my way to some other brook trout streams a few weeks ago. I was not sure it was big enough to hold brook trout, but I had to try. After a few casts something decent took the Ausable Ugly. I assumed it was a big brookie. Wrong! When I saw the fish I said "well I'll be damned!". I caught not one but three nice largemouth in that little pool. Fish never cease to amaze!!!

I stopped at one other little stream that I had not fished, but this one had the correct fish. I caught two little brookies in the pool bellow the road. I didn't even step off my bike.


  1. Very Nice Rowan. Certainly a wild variety of fish and wildlife!!

  2. WOW, that's the beauty in fishing, you just never really know what will happen.
    Love that Pickerel. Nature is what we live to enjoy! Glad the class went well.
    Tie, fish, write and photo on...

  3. Largemouth bass can live ANYWHERE.. it is pretty unbelievable. Looking through fish survey data from MA, nearly every water body sampled has at least a couple. I always assumed they would be smaller than that in small streams though - pretty impressive!

    1. I think these guys live only part time in this stream, there is a nice farm pond on this stream and I'm fairly positive that is where they came from.