Tuesday, February 28, 2017

First Carp and Some Others

Notice how I didn't write anything before I put up the pictures of the first and only carp I caught today? That's because I caught it right away in the first spot on a long multi spot trip. Rik and I tried to catch more, there's no doubt about that, and we both had some maybe-that-was-a-take moments, but no more carp. We discussed this o the way home... catch one good fish right out the gate and the trip will turn out one of two ways: either it will be a huge bonanza or a slow disappointment. Now that isn't to say we didn't get shots... we got lots of them. But abnormally muddy water (it is always muddy around here but this was BAD) and super picky fish in the one place with both clean water and carp put us at a disadvantage.

After a lot of time on the water, seeing lots of carp, and getting missed opportunity after missed opportunity, we found a new pond and a whole pile of fish! First I caught a nice largemouth of about a pound on a mop fly.

Then came a whole pile of little bluegills on a dry dropper, a pair of goldies, a little crappie, and even a hybrid. That was the best way we could have ended the day without a bunch of carp. I could catch any fish in the world and the old standby's will always have a place in my heart. Sunfish and shiners are pretty, willing, and fun.

Though it looks like one last cold slap is in bound, some more and bigger carp are not far away. And the spring runs are already in progress in some areas with alewives being spotted in RI and on the Cape. Soon, soon the big stripers will come. And shad by the millions, and maybe if are lucky a handful of salmon. I love spring.