Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Places I've Been

The last two day's I've fished were just a royal mess of places and species and flies and all sorts of other things. Yesterday I fished one body of water, the stream feeding into the Bell Pond. I was looking for perch and I found them. I also found some substantial bass, but along with all of the larger perch that were there they were onto onto me quickly. Small yellows were all I caught, jigging small euro nymphs with hot orange tags. But it was good to confirm my hunch that they would run up this stream in the winter.

Today was a REAL mess. I was all over the place. I started out on a stream that I hadn't fished in two years. It had a few brookies then, and as I had seen it in the fall and it had some water I figured it still did. I didn't catch any though so who knows. 

Then it was on to the tidal river I'm focused on figuring out this spring in search of perch and sea run browns. No luck s I went to look for some pike. 

So needless to say, no pike, so I went to check out a little stream that I've been eyeing for a while now. On a foam ant I caught exactly one little brook trout. It was a spunky one and threw the barbless hook before I got to my camera. I fished up and down that stream and could not find another one. Odd. Ah well, that's another stream on the list.

Then more sea run brown trout fishing. Nobody home. I'm sure these are all spring and fall spots as far as they are from actual salt, but if you don't start early you'll never know.

And then I went to a pond and caught some bluegills. They were sitting in the sun baked shallow flats. One on a dry, on on a kebari wet. The first of the year.

And there you have it, 7 places in two days, all wildly different and fishy in their own right. I've been to a lot of places like this. The list goes on and on and on and on....


  1. There is so much water on private property. I think I need to make a map of my own, showing all accessible places within 40 miles of my house. A number of my drives out to streams that looked promising on google earth, turn out to be impossible to reach.

    1. There is some benefit to biking in to a lot of places. You can get a bike into places cars just can't be parked!

  2. Well, those trips played me out. The water levels look good with the snow melting. Nice to have all these warm days in Feb. for fishing.
    Tie, Fish, write and photo on...

    1. Thanks, I enjoy the warm weather but we need more and more precipitation.