Saturday, April 29, 2017

Exploring More New Water

Once again I could have written this last night but I was busy doing something awesome, and once again you will have to wait to hear about it. 

Yesterday my mom and I went out to explore some new water again. The first set of small streams was not completely new to me, Kirk and I explored them a little bit in the winter a couple years ago. At the time the were essentially frozen solid so for all intents and purposes this was a whole new stream to fish. Unfortunately it seems to lack wild trout. Some fallfish were caught and a really large bass was seen. 

In hopes of finding some of the target species we changed spots, another river which I had not fished. In a great big pool there were some good trout rising. I tied on a sedgehammer and missed a couple of takes. When that stopped working I changed to a super simple secret fly two sizes smaller than the sedgehammer and that did the trick. I landed a beautiful silvery brown.

Mom didn't land a fish today but she is improving by leaps and bounds. It won't be long. 

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