Saturday, April 22, 2017


A few hours manifested this evening with fairly reasonable conditions. I eventually made my way to the intended destination, but first I was sidelined by wild browns and, oddly enough, yellow perch in a tributary. If they had really been popping there I probably never would have made it to the part time home river.

When I finally pulled myself away from that small tributary I was rather disappointed to catch four stocked brook trout in a row instead of the large wild trout I was targeting. I was testing a couple new streamers and had really hoped the rain and warm water temps would have brought out some of the bigger wild browns but if these stockers kept getting in the way....

Eventually I started getting hits from wild fish. I knew that's what the were by the viciousness of the strike and the fact that the only came out one time. Hit after hit was missed entirely. The sun sank bellow the horizon and I found myself working my way down a flat stretch that I would not fish during daylight unless I saw rises. Strip, strip, BOOM! Fish on. Not a giant by any means but respectable. The first night time trout of the year and last fish of the outing.


  1. Looks like that was worth the trip. Some real nice catches and the streamer did it's job, at night.
    Tie, fish, write and photo on...

    1. It was anticlimactic. If I had hooked more of the fish that hit it would really have been worth it.