Thursday, January 11, 2018

Don't Forget How Lucky You Are

We as fisherman get to see some incredible things. If you fly fish, you get to experience even a little bit more, perhaps, because fly fishing by its very nature takes us to settings conventional fishing might not. If you have the time, the drive, and the obsession to fish as much as I do you've probably experienced some spectacular things.

The more species, the more types of water, the more conditions you fish, the more you will get to experience. If you are a catch and release angler and care about the resources we all share you get to see and feel things many people will never grasp.

With work and bad weather keeping me off the water much of the last two weeks I've been reflecting. While sitting at the vice churning out flies that may just take part in building wonderful memories for other anglers I've been running through days, hours, and seconds that will never leave me, experiences that blow my mind and make me giddy. Every blitz, every viscous topwater strike, every wild brookie, every blanket hatch, every head and tail rise, every perfect roll cast, every fish released healthy to eat, breed, and be caught again, and die not to be consumed by me, but to continue the cycle....

Photo Courtesy David Gallipoli 

I've seen an awful lot in eight years on the water. I've seen things you couldn't believe. I've seen things I still can't believe. I've met some of the greatest friends I'll ever make and some acquaintances I'll never forget. I write posts for this blog and sit frustrated that I cannot convey everything. Some moments are too fleeting to be photographed easily but must be seen to feel the feeling, like a thirty pound striper throwing a spook six feet in the air. I can describe it in every way I know how and I just won't be able to convey it. If you've watched it happen in person, you know exactly what I mean. When that memory you'll feel it not just emotionally but physically. You get it. You've been there.  If you haven't, you just won't quite understand. Other moments last longer. Words may do some describing, photos may do some showing. But you still had to be there.

Photo Courtesy Malachi Lytle

Photo Courtesy Malachi

Fishing is the best thing that ever happened to me. We mustn't forget how lucky we are to be anglers. We get to take part in some of the most spectacular shows life has to offer. Don't take them for granted or we may loose them.


  1. Rowan, your words are not necessary, for the photos tell it all.
    And yes I realize how lucky I am.

    1. Alan, if something happens on a small stream... you've seen it! Memories for a lifetime or two.

  2. Rowan
    I tell myself everyday that I am one lucky soul to get experience what a lot of individuals never feel, which is the sensation of the rod bend---excellent presentation!! Thanks for sharing

    1. Thanks Bill,
      Good luck with the bluegill quest this year!