Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Adventures in Kentucky

During August of 2012 a group of buddies and I spent a week at Mammoth Caves National Park in Kentucky. This included some fun though unproductive fishing on the Green River. We stopped on the first night to camp in Somerset PA. I got some time to fish the types of little limestone filled creeks for Smallmouth that I lived around in my earliest years. I only caught little fish, but they fought well.

Within the next day both trucks broke down. One broke down in the city limits of Newport Kentucky, we spent hours in a parking lot chasing skinks and playing Frisbee. We ended up having to stay the night in a crummy motel with 3 people to a room and one bed each room! At least the carpet was soft. The morning dawned very rainy and we made our way to the national park. We spent many hours of the next five days on cave tours. I found the caves to be beautiful, but too artificially 'enhanced'. I would rather have seen them without any electric lighting, just as they were found. On one day, we canoed the Green River and I saw many good fishing spots, but had stupidly ditched the poles at camp.

Finally I had the chance one night to get out and wet a line. I landed one Black crappie and several warmouth. I had one smashing hit on a buzz-bait from a musky, but that about summed the fishing up. Fortunately the trip home went soundly with no breakdowns.

A tunnel somewhere in West Virginia

A captured skink

A sign in Newport

The whitetails in the park know you can't hurt them

I decided to take a picture of Frozen Niagara in an angle you don't usually see

Feisty Crappie

Somerset PA flower

Central Ohio. Had some good looking bass lakes!

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