Saturday, October 5, 2013

Fall Brown Trout

This time of year, wild trout are in an aggressive mood as the move into spawning grounds. They often chase streamers, making for exciting fishing. Today I had fun throwing the Edson Tiger to grumpy wild browns. I even hooked (and broke off) the largest fish I have ever hooked in a river. It could have been a salmon or anadromous brown trout, I would never suspect a fish in such a small stream to almost entirely strip my reel!

 This colorful male and his little girly friend both took the streamer in the same run. She actually launched clean out of the water on the take.

A nice little hole. I love the beautiful leaves. They help to set the scene, but the vicious takes by the trout are by no means the calm sips of rising fish one expects in such a pretty stream.

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