Sunday, October 20, 2013

Banana Nut

In order for a fly fisherman to be on top of his game, he must feed himself well. For me, breakfast means pancakes and bacon. Yesterday I made my favorite type of pancake: banana nut. Normal pancake mix with 1 diced banana and 10 ground walnuts make for a delicious and healthy breakfast.

Today I decided to toss a nymph I christened 'The Banana-Nut Nymph'. It is very simple yet effective.
hook-size 12-8
weight- 6-10 wraps .015 lead wire
tail- partridge hackle fibers, natural
rib- fine wool yarn, whit or yellow
body- Kaufmann Nymph Blend, Golden Stone
head/legs- loosely dubbed, same as body bet worked out with dubbing needle or Velcro

This pattern took one nice brown in the Salmon this afternoon.

I fished a small stream with ants and a tellico wet fly but was unable to hook one of its fine brookies.

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