Thursday, October 24, 2013

Carp in Dirty Water

In my area, algae blooms color the water nasty green and unless the carp are in shallow, sight fishing just is not possible. I solve such issues with moderate success in at least getting hits.

I you are dealing with muddy or algae filled water, the first line of business is to get your butt of the shore. I fly fish for carp from my kayak! Get out and hunt for areas that show signs of carp habitat. Commons love to hunt for crayfish, so finding areas that they like helps. Big boulders with crevices, sandy shorelines, and gravel bars or sunken islands make good spots. If the spot is shallow, anchor and wait. If a fish is there, look for him tailing or the faint silhouette. Then you can effectively sight fish for them. Otherwise, cast all over the hot spot. Fish the fly a bit faster than normal to cover terrain, but still slow enough not to put off the fish.

Some times of the year here berries or seeds will fall out of trees that hang low over the water. This can be darned technical fishing. Cast low and under the branches with a berry pattern if you know a fish is there. If not use a nymph. Even if carp are hunting sunken fruit they will usually not shy away from a crayfish, burrower nymph, or leech pattern.

Choice flies that I designed for carp I chase:
RM Single Berry
-red chenille
-soaked in Dave's Flexament


RM Cluster Berry
Red Chenille
Dave's Flexament

RM's Carp Nymph
-brown marabou
-olive chenille body
-olive hairs ear dubing
-pheasant tail wingcase

RM's Buggy Carper
-brown v-rib
-rubber legs
-olive died deer hair

RM Carp Cray
-Kaufman's Blend Golden Stone
-light elk hair
-rubber legs

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