Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Brooky Heaven

Today had to be one of the best fishing days this year. Maybe it could be the best. I had little time to head out before sunset, so I biked to a local native brook trout stream to get an hour of fishing in. I managed to find fish so willing to hit a fly that they couldn't be stopped. I only fished one pool. All of perhaps 50 casts got chases or hits. The drop dead beautiful little trout were hammering the red tag wet fly, skated as usual. towards the end of my fishing session I saw a ghostly brown shadow engulf the fly, but I missed it. The same big fish hit the next three casts. I failed to hook her. I changed to an Edson Tiger. First cast and she rose up to catch what she thought would be a meaty minnow. As the tail of this marvelous creature broke the surface line suddenly peeled of my reel. The fish ran circles around the pool before reluctantly coming to my hand. I wet them as I had perhaps twenty times already, and quickly snapped a photo, removed the buck tail from her mouth, and let the incredible little fish return to her lie.
Final fish of the day

This was about the most beautiful of the day. 

This fish had no red spots. I haven't ever seen that before!

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