Thursday, December 5, 2013

Small Stream Trout Flies: Dry Flies

When fishing small streams, it is important to note that there are less thick hatches that one needs to match. Also, food is scarce. I native brooky in a small freestone stream will often hit a little pine cone tossed into it's feeding lane. If a hatch is on, match it. Otherwise, tie on anything that looks buggy.

The Ausable Bomber is perhaps the all around best dry fly for wild trout on small mountain creeks. I could not hope to count the number of trout this fly has caught me!

I should clip the hackle on the bottom of this one...
Another good pattern is the Humpy. Any fly fisher should have one, regardless of the size water that is preferred. They are a darned good prospecting fly.

I pack Wulffs in all colors and sizes, they work terrifically. Stimulaters work if larger fish, 6-14 in. range, are present.

Of course, one should never go fishing without some Parachute Adam's and Elk Hair Caddis

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