Saturday, December 21, 2013

Sulfur Patterns

Today I tied three patterns to use during nocturnal sulfur hatches. The first is a parachute with a medium dun tail and hackle, and similarly colored hackle post, a bright yellow yarn body, and the fluff from a yellow mallard flank around the base o the hackle post. The main goal of the pattern is to make an obvious and accurate surface impression that would match both duns and emergers. The next is an emerger pattern tight with the same tail and hackle color, but a duller dubbing and a white CDC wing. The final pattern is a wet fly that matches a spent insect or an emerger. It's purpose is to serve as a pattern that requires no sight, as swinging it would result in hits that would be easy to feel. It is tied with a light dun tail, a bright yellow body with copper wire ribbing, and medium dun hackle.

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