Friday, December 20, 2013

Fishing Adventure: Hot Summer Trout

Many rivers in CT get to warm to hold fish in the summer. This year rain kept them cool long enough that I could fish in July without fear of putting stress on the fish. My dad and I headed out to fish a long pool with deep channels on either side and a gravel bar down the middle. I love this pool. It gets less attention and often holds less weary trout. On this particular day I tied on a light monofilament body caddis pupa bellow a Royal Wulff. The big Wulff would mainly serve as a tool to spot the general area of the pupa. The pupa would only sink about a half an inch. If I saw a rise about ten inches behind the Wulff, I set the hook. The first fish, coincidentally, took the big dry. I was not surprised to find a bluegill at the end o my line. The next four fish took the pupa. Three were brown trout and one was a brooky. If I remember correctly, I out fished my dad. I am surprised that I do so because he has been fishing for so much longer than I have lived. It is acceptable though, I have more experience on CT's rivers, streams, and lakes.

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