Sunday, October 4, 2015

Flash, Twitch, Wiggle and Swing

 Today the forecast was for clouds and warmer daytime temperatures. The second part was right, the first part wasn't. There were very few clouds in the sky today. Bummer, the fishing probably would have been better. I chose to play the streamer game only today, using those flies I got from David Gallipoli. The best part of the day was that the streams I fished had quite a bit of water in them. It was discolored water in the first stream I fished. High for this time of the year and gorgeously stained. Stained many of the takes I got happened within feet of me. If you know anything about fishing streamers with a 9 foot rod, it is VERY hard to get a good hook set when the fish takes only 8 feet away. Very hard. And because about 50 percent of the takes were that close and my take to hookup ratio is with big flies is normally quite low anyway (naturally, it takes more to set a big hook well) I didn't hook a very many today. The few that I caught were gorgeous, but I would have loved to have landed that 18 inch brown that plowed through a swinging minnow pattern. Had I been using nymphs under an indicator today I may have had a stellar day, but I had a lot of fun with the streamers. Particularly swinging the small articulated minnow. I love making a gorgeous, clean, 20 foot cross currant roll cast than waiting for that tug that you just know will come right as the fly hits that little seem there. I can't wait for the CT salmon season... my hands are already shaking.


  1. Nice water, finally. You had some good catches on the streamer. The Fall colors are really coming out. Thanks for the trip!
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