Thursday, October 22, 2015

The Farmington? Sinfully Low.

Some morons decided that it would be a good plan to cut the flow out of the Hogback Dam to a pitiful 60 cfs. That has made a mess of the West Branch of the Farmington River. It limited the places we could fish today. David and I met Nunzio on one of the big named pools of the river, where some action was happening. Fish were popping in the deep part of the pool and also in the faster water coming in at the top. I was insistent on using streamers, and Nunzio, being very familiar with the water and the fish that live there (he catches some monsters, some so big the state doesn't believe they  could live in the Farmi) insisted on acting as my guide. His streamer methods are different from those I typically use, but for these conditions and the water we were on they made more sense. Using his Clouser style fly I got some solid tugs. I did get a few takes on by own streamers, but using Nunzio's suggested techniques. I just kept goofing up though. I got takes on dries, then on a secret nymph I am not at liberty to describe, even from some big fish, but today was one of those days when I was too quick at the draw. I just kept yanking the fly out of the fish's mouths.

Eventually I did get into some fish. The first is a very special one. The smallest brook trout I have ever caught out of the Farmington, it was also the first native for me from the river in a couple of years. 

Further downstream I had a few wild brown trout eat an Ausable Ugly. That was that for the Farmington. David and I hit the Salmon for a little while and both caught some rainbows. It was a fun day if not productive fish wise.


  1. RM
    Gorgeous rainbow, the Farmington is one place I hope to fish one day, always enjoy any post you do on this tailrace. thanks for sharing

    1. Thanks. I hope for your sake that if you ever do, the conditions will be far better than these!!!