Saturday, October 17, 2015

October Fly Carpin'

It's bulk up time for carp. Depending on the body of water, the carp have either moved into deep water or into shallow water to eat. In my local carp pond they have gone shallow. I had plenty of good shot at mudding carp. I had one take that could probably have been a hookup too. I had put my brown woolly bugger right on a big tailing carp's head. I couldn't see the fish itself, but I was able to see the bubbles and a disturbance from it's tail. After a couple seconds the fish freaked out a bit, and in doing so moved towards me. I tried to set the hook but when the slack was picked up the fly pulled loose.
I caught a bunch of bluegill and some yellow perch as well, but I didn't really get another good chance for a carp. But as the fall continues and the temperatures drop, these fish will continue to bulk up. If you are a fly carper you know what that means.


  1. The color is beautiful. I love this season for it's drastic changes.
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