Friday, April 22, 2016

A Butt Kicking in the Morning, a Butt Kicking in the Evening

I spent most of the day today fishing for wild brook trout with Jonathan, and I'll highlight that in my next post. I book-ended the brookie trip with some sight fishing for carp and bass on the bell pond. I am still trying to get a carp on 5x. In the morning the fish were in the feeding mood:

I had about five minutes before the wind came up and started pushing the fish back out, the don't like being jostled around by chop when the are tailing. Five minutes was all it took. I got my black woolly bugger in from of a fish and it ate. When I set the hook it lept a few times before running. It did something that always annoys me as it ran... it buried it's head in every pile of leaves and ever patch of weeds it could, and that was more than enough to get the line tangled around the fly and pull in out. I went for bass. They are fun fish, especially this time of year when there are a lot of big ones holding on the flat. I caught this hefty two pound soon to be mamma:

In the evening I the fish were in a terrible mood. Lots of jumpers, lots of fast cruisers, and some sun bathers. I managed to get four takes and I missed every single freaking one of them! What a pain! Fortunately bass and bluegills were around. I got a few gills on the Chernobyl Ant and another chunky largemouth on a dragon fly nymph.


  1. Nice Bass!!! They feed and hit hard this time of year. That Carp must have had previous hook-ups, they know what to do. I'm confident that you will land a big one.
    Tie, fish, write and photo on...

    1. Thanks.
      Actually these fish ate gently, just mouthing the fly. If I hadn't seen the fish I wouldn't have even known they ate!