Thursday, April 28, 2016

The First Trout Night of 2016

I was out of school late tonight so I had limited daylight. I decided to just go right ahead and ignore daylight and fish into the dark. Before the sun set I chucked a streamer around and caught one decent rainbow.

It is after the light leaves the sky when the real magic happens. After everyone has left the river and the majority of the bugs are gone the fish get a little less careful. I tied on a big foam Waller Waker and was into browns quickly. It's always fun sticking fish on a size 2 dry that looks nothing like anything they would eat during the day. No big ones tonight, all cookie cutter 10-12 inch fish. Fun but not quite enough. That's fine, I've got about 5 months of night fishing weather ahead of me, some beasts will show at some point.


  1. Nice Rainbow and Brown!!! Love the night. Just you, your skills and nature.
    Tie, fish, write and photo on...

  2. That is a hefty rainbow and healthy looking brown. Well done. Good luck with getting the big browns at night. That is when they come out to feed.

    1. I'd say night time is the best time to get big browns to come to the surface, but during the day the big ones will move for large streamers just as well.