Saturday, April 30, 2016

Just Another Crazy Saturday

I started out the day today fishing a couple of ponds targeting largemouth bass. The first gave up a few big pumpkinseeds and a crappie to go with the rather small bass. A few were taken on a big Deceiver. The water was clear enough that I could watch the fish come up and munch on the white and chartreuse streamer. 

I switched ponds. There were some tremendous bass hanging out in one of the coves. A few really nice fish, 16 to 18 inches, and three gargantuan fish, none of which would have gone under 10 lbs. Amazing, considering a 10 lb bass is a rare beast in this part of the country. And of course they would not touch a damned thing I put in front of them I even hooked a bluegill and the biggest of the three chased it around but wouldn't eat it. The time I spent on that pond was not a waste, I got to see a few really cool pickerel takes in the glass clear water.

This evening Adam got the boat out and him, Dalton and I went for pike and bass on the big river. I got some follows and nailed a perch on a Clouser. We chased swans and enjoyed a chilly evening on the water despite the tricky fishing.


  1. Another good fishing day in CT. Bass are strange this time of year. You can't tell what the big ones were thinking. You did good!
    Tie, fish write and photo on...

    1. Actually the bass are very predictable in the spring, which is why I was not at all surprised by their lack of interest in my flies.

  2. While I always enjoy your piscatorial pix, these swan photos are truly regal. Thanks for sharing. Are they whistlers?